Club Membership


The Yorkshire and Humber Constructing Excellence Club is just one of the ways you can become involved in Constructing Excellence in the region. Membership of the club offers the opportunity to meet and share knowledge with other like minded individuals and businesses operating in Yorkshire, as well as gain insight into new and innovative initiatives. The Club works in partnership with the regional Centre to ensure ‘excellence in construction’ is promoted across the region, which includes delivering a series of Constructing Excellence events including the Breakfast Excellence series, held on the last Wednesday of every month

What is a Constructing Excellence Club? A Constructing Excellence Club is a forum for individuals and organisations to learn about the principles of Best Practice, while creating a culture and local support network of continuous improvement. It offers the opportunity for an informal group of forward thinking, innovative people to learn from each other share that knowledge, ultimately improve their business bottomline. Working in partnership with the regional centre ensures members are aware of all the new initiatives and policies from Constructing Excellence National.

Yorkshire and Humber Constructing Excellence Club has been successfully promoting ‘Constructing Excellence’ principles since the publication of the Egan Report with the primary aim of collectively raising the efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability of the regions construction service providers and clients. The club is a ‘not-for-profit’ organisation and is run by passionate committed professionals who volunteer their time. The nominal membership subscriptions enable the club to organise events to suit member needs and to ensure the latest trends and best practice are readily available to SME’s and others in the area they operate, eg: the Humber area, West, South and North Yorkshire.

Membership is excellent value (see below) and is the lifeblood of the club. Becoming a member of the YH Constructing Excellence Club signals to your clients, your supply chain, your people and the industry that your business is forward thinking, innovative, committed to collaborative working, continuous improvement and to Constructing Excellence. Club members can also use the Constructing Excellence ‘Associate’ logo on their branding whilst their membership is current.

In addition to this you will have access to the following club benefits:

  • FREE access to the Constructing Excellence monthly breakfast events
  • Priority access to club best practice seminars, site visits and events tailored to club members’ requirements which are based upon the following themes:
  • Access to knowledge through other club members’ expertise;
  • Networking opportunities with like-minded companies;
  • Access to other regional constructing excellence  events (including thinkBIM and Green Vision )
  • Company logo shown in club event literature and website (Corporate Members Only); and
  • CPD certificates available for relevant seminars.

Club Membership Fees 2014 National members of Constructing Excellence can become corporate members of the CEYH  Club at no additional cost, please contact Carole Saul for further details.  For non national members, there are two grades of membership:

  • Corporate £150  (Priority admittance to club events for 5 persons);
  • Individual £75



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